Laminates are quickly becoming a widely used word and material that has become a must-have in the architecture and interior design industries. High pressure laminates, sometimes referred to as HPL, are commercial and residential materials and have a wide variety of uses - the main benefit is that they are in great demand. To make the concept of High pressure laminates more understandable, let's take a look at how they're made

A multi-stage process is used in the manufacture of high pressure laminates. It consists of up to eight sofas made of resin-soaked Kraft paper, decorative paper and a clear varnish. In the event of high temperature and pressure loads, these layers are made of High-Pressure Laminates. These are then mounted on a substrate such as MDF or plywood.

Mozaic PVC Laminates is one of the largest manufacturers of High-Pressure Laminates in the world. Mozaic has provided interior solutions for homes, offices, commercial and public spaces for decades and is your one-stop-shop for all of your HPL needs. Why should you choose Mozaic High-Pressure Laminates over others? Read on to understand.

Variability like you have never seen before

Mozaic offers the largest design collection focused on the latest trends. We have numerous colors and textures for you and over forty finishes to choose from. In addition, there are eleven different sizes for maximum economic use. With so many varieties, you will be spoiled with a choice.

  • Applications
    High pressure laminate panels have many uses. They initially have a vertical and horizontal orientation. Mozaic HPL is suitable for many applications, such as furniture such as table tops, worktops and plinths. They can also be used in cottages, elevators, wall coverings and many other objects, among other things. It is clear that they are suitable for commercial, residential and office use.
  • The Best Prices
    The best thing about HPL is that since it comes in many models, it also comes in different price ranges. You have HPL regardless of your budget.
  • Best Features
    If you thought the only good thing about HPL was its aesthetic value, correct it. The laminates here are the most durable materials in your room. They resist stains due to their porous properties. Hard surfaces protect them from scratches and are therefore perfect for everyday use. They are also resistant to shock and moisture. Want more? You can also ask them about antibacterial and antifungal medications.