Mainly used for decoration protection of furniture. These laminates give premium finished touch and feel full stop product primary used as furniture surface material / wall panelling. Commonly used in conference rooms home interiors awards acceptor to give it attractive and auspicious look full stop decorative high pressure laminate mostly used for furniture tops specially on flat surface consisting cabinets and table. Decorative compact laminates are sometimes constructed as toilet cubicle systems common laboratory tables and kitchen pops. Some new uses model includes wall panels with conceptual design and custom prints.

Demand for decorative laminates is moderately high in developing countries for instance India and China Asia Pacific region. Main reason behind the growth of the market in these two countries is escalated increase in the population a campaign by expansion of the economy that ultimately result in increase in per capita income. Increasing disposable income leads to an increase in the spending ability on home interiors. This factor is boosting the growth of the decorative laminates market across the Asia Pacific region. Going to a levitation in the utilisation of ready-to-assemble flooring as well as furniture and cabinets.

Moreover, advanced functional properties such as scratch resistance common chemical resistant antibacterial and antimicrobial fingerprint etc.

  • Antibacterial
    Antibacterial properties are important for decorative laminates because these laminates are used as kitchen top and countertops cabinets and table top that are in constant contact with food materials and younger children's. Antibacterial properties are there to ensure that bacterial growth is minimal.
  • Fire resistant and flame retardant
    Different standard with regard to fire resistant and flame retardant properties of higher pressure decorative laminates. While different countries may have different standard for the building industry to other two most countries may agree on same of the more common standard being used in the industry.
    Decorative laminates can be manufactured by high and low pressure laminates with the two processes is not much different from each other except for the pressure applied in the processing full stop various industrial standard specifically applied for high pressure decorative laminates.
  • European standard EN438
    One of the standards that most decorative laminate manufacturer selling to worldwide market like (Abet Laminati, Violam, Maica, Formica, Wilsonart, Greenlam) adhere to.
    Specific code: EN438, entitled for decorative high pressure laminate, (HPL), sheets based on thermosetting resins specifications. It replaces BS 3794 standard.
  • Green certificates
    Two of the internationally granted green certificates for decorative laminates MAS Certified Green and GREENGUARD. The MAS Certified Green and GREENGUARD mark are to certify that the products have low chemical emissions. Test include VOCs, formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals.