About Us

Each day we spend reasonable amount of time to look graceful and presentable. What about your interiors? Would you neglect them or make them matchup your needs and expectations? Mozaic laminates fulfils the needs gap by getting you everlasting grace in interiors. The Mozaic laminates come in elegant designs and inspiring patterns and tasteful colors and textures.

The stunning ranges of Mozaic laminates is manufactured under the strict supervision of competent professionals, that you experience grace with aplomb.

Our Vision

To be counted as the company that makes homes beautiful everywhere. To bring global competence and modern styles at your doorsteps.

Our Mission

Giving customer satisfaction in our business. It is a tough challenge but we believe as long as you have the inclination. You can make things work.

Quality Policy

Mozaiclam is committed to bring world class quality within reach of all. Quality is one of our core values, as well as business strategy.

A collection so vast, designs so enticing, colors so promising that it truly captures your imagination and uplifts your space! Mozaiclam advanced PVC Laminates collection suits your varied moods and requirements. So, style up your spaces, thoughtfully!

Technical Specification

Product Information

  1. Thickness : 125mm & 325mm | Standard Size : 1220mm x 2440mm | Sheet Options : Length (on order) - Width : 1220mm.
  2. Range : These premium PVC laminates come in a wide range of design, colors and finishes.
  3. Customized Sizes And Shades Can Be Developed On Request
  4. Adhesive : These laminates are easy to apply with the standard laminating system including most of the conventional water and solvent based adesively normally used with plastic laminates. We DO NOT recommend the use of heat activated adhesives.
  5. Lamination : Proper sustances are must be used and careful bonding procedures must be observed. Substrated should be of good quality plywood, PVC Board and high quality MDF. The face of the subtrate must be smooth and free of grease, wax, dust, chips and other foreign matter. We DO NOT recommend any kind of coat like PU base, melamine, lamination (wax) on our products.
  6. Cutting & Machining : These laminates can be cut by using sharp diamond blade cutter only. We recommend the use of smooth file to feature all corner edges.
  7. Bending : Kindly use V-Groove cutter to bend the sheets at 90 degree. For any difficulty please contact MOZAIC.
  8. Maintanence : Any cleaning agent containing acids, alkalis or abrasive should NOT be used to clean the laminate. Exposure to sunlight should be avoided.
  9. Note : Mozaic warrants that all its products are free from manufacturing defects and perfectly fit for use in normal conditions. In case of any claim, the liability the company's however limited to the cost of the product only. These may be batch to batch color variation. The sample swatches only represent the design, colours and finish. They do not represent the actual thickness.

  10. Kindly Remove The Protective Film Within 7 Days Of Installation Of Laminates.